Diverter for larger projects


Electronically controlled drum diverter used for continuous filling of multiple containers in high-containment applications.

  • Available in DT (dust-tight) and WIP (Wash-in-Place) version
  • Number of positions (max. 12) and discharge sequence can be defined as needed
  • Jam monitoring using a sensor at the inlet
  • Random definition of every position as sample collector
  • Compatible with deduster model KD7075
  • Process controlling either by deduster or tablet press / capsule filling machine
  • Classification: Atex Zone II 2D/- Db 140 °C
  • Certification: OEB5 (<1 μg/m³) acc. SMEPAC
Diverter Outlet
2 to 12


Number of outlets


Power Supply

24 VDC

Peak current


Drive unit technology

Gear motor

Product contacting parts



10-15 kg

Water consumption

Ø6/4mm, 16 l/min (p=2 bar)

Product inlet

2.5" tri-clamp

Product outlet

ISO DN 50 tri-clamp

Protection rating drive unit


Protection rating housing/controller


Processing of tablets (var. forms ) Ø3-35 mm

Processing of mini/micro-tablets Ø1.5-3 mm

Processing of effervescent tablets Ø25-35 mm

Processing of capsules Nr. 4-00

Conveying speed mini/micro-tablets <Ø2.5 mm

10'300'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Ø5 mm

6'300'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Ø13 mm

574'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Ø20 mm

240'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Ø25 mm

95'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed tablet Oblong 16.3 x 7.6 x 5.7 mm

770'000 tabs/h

Conveying speed capsule size Nr. 4

300'000 caps/h

Conveying speed capsule size Nr. 3

300'000 caps/h

Conveying speed capsule size Nr. 2

300'000 caps/h

Conveying speed capsule size Nr. 1

300'000 caps/h

Conveying speed capsule size Nr. 0

300'000 caps/h

Conveying speed capsule size Nr. 00

250'000 caps/h

Explosion protection ATEX 94/9/EG

II 2D/- Db 140 °C

OEL Level acc. SMEPAC


cGMP compliance

CE compliance

Option sample collection

Option inlet adapter

Option outlet adapter

Option mini/micro-tablets

Option WIP manual/auto

Option jam sensors

Option filling level sensors

Option validation documentation

Option material certificates

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