Appointment as CEO of Krämer AG


For the past fourteen years, we have been honored to have Dr. Walter R. Meyer as Chairman and CEO of Krämer AG. At the beginning of next year, he’ll be stepping down from his position as CEO, and focus on his role as Chairman. The Krämer Board has nominated Mr. Woody Schoch to become CEO of Krämer AG as of 1st January 2022.

Currently acting as COO of the group, Mr. Schoch has been working for Krämer AG since 2013, assuming various roles and functions within the organization. “We are very pleased that with Woody Schoch we have been able to thoroughly plan and execute a smooth succession planning”, says Dr. Walter Meyer, Chairman of the Board of Krämer AG. Mr. Schoch has a scientific background with more than 20 years of experience in the field of machinery industry for applications in Pharma, Life-Sciences and Laboratory/Biotechnology. Mr Schoch is optimistic: “Despite all challenges and hurdles in our global market I am fully convinced that thanks to a solid and strong foundation we can even get stronger in the years to come.”

Success Story with SwissCo Services AG


With the installation of the two units at SwissCo Services AG, a long-standing partnership has paid off - once again.
Learn more about the challenges that had to be overcome in this project.

Mr. Torre works as Head of Local Project Management at SwissCo Services AG and was in close contact with Krämer AG during and after the project phase. Both sides were able to benefit from the respective expertise and support, so that the best possible solution was implemented.

Mr. Torre please explain briefly who SwissCo Services AG is and what the company manufactures?
Since 1968, SwissCo Services AG (Member of the Aenova Group) has been a reliable partner for development and contract manufacturing of solid dosage forms. We are specialized in handling moisture-sensitive APIs and products and can offer all relevant technologies from manufacturing to packaging.

What has been a challenge for you in production?
The main aim of the project was to increase the output of the entire tablet press. For this, a so-called segment turret had to be integrated into the tablet press and qualified. However, the existing deduster would not have had the necessary dedusting and conveying capacity to cope with the new output. For this reason, the solution with new dedusters including V5000 12-way diverter system was developed in cooperation with Krämer AG. The new KD7015A system is much quieter, more efficient and dust tight, which is an important side effect in terms of occupational safety of our operators.
Another challenge for the general reconstruction of the room and the upgrade of the tablet press was primarily the narrow time window before the Christmas holidays in 2020 As the tablet press in question is operated 24 hours a day, five days a week. As a result, all trades, deliveries and qualification activities had to be coordinated for the implementation of the two tablet dedusters as well as the associated 12-way diverter systems.

Why did you decide on KAG, what was different compared to the competitors?
We have a long-standing, trustful relationship with Krämer AG. However, the basis for our decision was the technical solution to our requirements. The overall package consisting of technology, service and costs was completely convincing.

Due to the high quality of the systems, Krämer AG can be recommended without reservation. The excellent service and the timely implementation of the projects also contribute to this.

Krämer re-launches two new product lines


We further develop our product range taking account of important trends in the oral solid dosage for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical market. Therefore, we are proud to announce our latest product features of our KD60 and KD70 Series.

Both lines are available as stand-alone or combined units, with immediate effect.

KD70 Series:
With the new KD7015A and KD7035A combi dedusters we are one step closer to the future. Thanks to the new CPU with optimal performance for faster startup, stable operation and OPC UA interface ready for communication to higher-level systems, the new KD70 A-Series is able to stands out from the crowd.

For more Info about KD70 Series

KD6010 Serie:
Thanks to a redesign, the KD60 Series is available now in the following conveying heights: 250, 500 and 750 mm. All product contacting parts are stainless steel. The inlet and outlet can be rotated independently from each other, which gives maximum flexibility for placing the machine in the facility. This deduster offer our unique patented counterweight solution with integrated acceleration sensor . The KD6015 model can be combined with a metal detector by Ceia, Lock or Safeline. 

For more Info about KD60 Series

Our website is getting a new look


The new year brings exciting changes to Krämer AG!

With the re-launch of our new tablet dedusters KD60 and KD70A Series, our website also gets a refresh. A new experience that makes it easy to find all of our new content.

Thanks to the new design of the start page, you can quickly and accurately find the right products for your applications.
Easily choose according to product category or application.

Product filter
Choose the right machine with the help of our updated product filter.
After you have selected the features you want, you will be taken to the respective product pages.

Product Pages
Thanks to the new design of the product pages, you can enjoy more information about our products.
Among other things, you have access to product specifications, options and the specific factsheets.

Service-Support and Why Krämer? 
Find out why Krämer is the best choice for your dedusting solutions.
Our service and support services are summarized compactly at a glance.


在 LinkedIn 上与 Krämer 联系


KrämerAG 现在可以直接在 LinkedIn 上通知其客户。 与我们联系以保持最新状态,再也不会错过任何产品新闻。 我们使用社交媒体与客户进行更好的互动。

这是确保我们紧跟时代脉搏并能持续记录客户反馈和市场发展并将其纳入新发展的唯一方法。 这为我们和我们的客户提供了一个共同优化和发展的平台。

我们推出了新的中文网站,将 Krämer 介绍给中国


为了与您分享 Krämer 作为全球片剂除尘领导者的持续创新技术,我们推出了中文网页。



“Tablets & Capsules”中的文章


“Tablets&Capsules”杂志发表了一篇关于 Krämer 的文章。现在可以在我们的下载区域或通过以下链接中找到:

Tablets & Capsules_March_2019.pdf







由于这种特殊的解决方案,客户现在可以将除尘的胶囊装入 12 个不同的箱子中。



新的 ATEX 分类



对于 Krämer 来说,这意味着考虑到可能的错误,我们的除尘器和胶囊抛光机不得成为点火源。这正是 Krämer 努力不断改进我们机器周围的安全预防措施并使其保持最新版本的原因。

通过我们的创新和具有前瞻性的工作,我们成功地达到了 ATEX 认证的新标准,这使我们的机器比以前更安全、更稳定。
设备类型 KCP 系列KD70 DT 系列KD70 WiP 系列符合
新的 ATEX 分类* 21 区 II 2D/- Db 200 °C
* 如果产品符合下述安全特性,则设备内部适用于 21 区的危险区域。设备的安装空间无区域分类。



KD7015_Quarantine流程控制(In Process Control,缩写 IPC)在片剂和胶囊生产的质量管理目中是必不可少的。在生产过程中,定期抽取样品以确定最重要的质量参数,例如重量、硬度、厚度和直径。该试验可选择在压片机/胶囊灌装系统之后或在产品除尘之后进行。


对于这一具体步骤,Krämer 开发了一种由一个或两个中间容器组成的灌装系统,可提供不同的容量。由于该解决方案,在不满足质量特征的情况下,可以连续地继续生产过程。废品仅限于中间容器的内容,因此仅限于总生产批次的一小部分。

该系统可与 KD70-DT 系列的所有除尘器组合使用。对于带有两个容器的变型,使用手动型开关 KV2010 或自动操作 KV2020。在容器的出口处,特殊的 4“ 三片式卡箍阀门带有硅胶皮瓣,可以将片剂轻柔地送入主容器。可选择通过传感器监测中间容器的液位。该系统由集成的 Krämer 控制器或压片机/胶囊灌装系统进行控制。

我们成立 40 周年的新网站



Krämer AG 庆祝成立 40 周年!







Fotos_1过去 & 未来
在 Krämer 发明第一台除尘器 E79 四十年后,我们自豪地回顾了除尘领域的无数创新。我们在我们的历史中为您整理了一个选择。
我们始终利用多年的经验为未来开发创新的产品。在我们的 40 年之初,我们推出了向上输送的胶囊抛光机 KCP,它作为使 Krämer 成为除尘领域的世界领导者系列的延伸产品。

“Tablets & Capsules”中的文章


“Tablets&Capsules”杂志发表了一篇关于 Krämer 的文章。现在可以在我们的下载区域或通过以下链接中找到:

下载 Tablets & Capsules_September_2013.pdf  (英文)

Krämer 推出胶囊抛光机


Neuheit: Krämer Kapselpolierer新的 Krämer 胶囊抛光机可以抛光、除尘并向上输送所有常见的胶囊尺寸。




Krämer 推出新的 KD70 WIP 系列


KD7075A-CEIA_01-light凭借其独特的开拓精神和对创新的不懈追求,Krämer 已成为世界领先的就地清洗解决方案供应商。最新一代设备 KD70 WIP 也是如此,它为高活性和高效力产品生产提供了一种全面的高密封解决方案 (OEB 5)。

正如 KD70 系列中已经熟悉的那样,除尘器、外围设备的控制以及现有洗涤程序的编程完全在一个用户友好的触摸屏上完成。


Krämer 发布了自己的应用程序


Our free app is now available!Krämer 开发了一款免费的智能手机应用程序,有助于确保 Krämer 除尘器的正确功能。最老的型号 E79、E80 和 E92 除外。

该应用程序为 Krämer 最近众多创新之一。此诊断实用工具可识别集尘器外壳上的振动是否在允许的限制范围内。外壳上的振动过大表明可能需要维修。如果应用程序的指针停留在绿色区域内,除尘器则可根据需求运行。在黄色区域表示近期需要维修,在红色区域表示应尽快维修。

Krämer 振动计应用程序在 iPhone 5、5S、6、6S 上已得以优化,而且也可应用在 iPhone 4、4S 和部分 Android 设备上。

您在 Apple 或 Google Store 搜索“Kraemer”,只需单击下面的链接即可下载这个免费实用应用程序。

Apple 用户:

Android 用户:

Krämer 推出两个新产品系列


作为片剂除尘的先驱,Krämer 开发了下一代系统,可满足您在除尘、输送、金属检测和片剂与胶囊分配方面的所有需求。


KD7015-LOCK_01-light KD 7010/7015:
通过突破性技术实现效率,为除尘器和所有外围设备提供前所未有的完全集成控制。用户友好的界面,可通过单个触摸屏操作。无级高度调节可 360°旋转。无振动外壳无与伦比的除尘和输送性能,并与瑞士的可靠性相结合。


KD6015-LOCK-llightKD 6010/6015: 卓越的性能基于多年来强大且成熟技术。该产品系列还受益于我们独特的加速控制,无论除尘器中的片剂量如何,都能保持振动恒定。在此紧凑型设计中有您所需的一切,且实现了占地面积最小化。整个过程中的良好目视检查。